When do you need a labor attorney?

There are certain times a business owner requires the legal guidance of the labor attorney. For instance, tough issues can come up like union negotiations, strikes, grievances filed by workers, and contract disputes. In such instances, you need Nozari Legal. Remember that each situation is unique and the employment laws keep on changing every year.

Role of a labor attorney


lawyerNowadays, there is a broad range of industries which ought to be addressed by the labor lawyer. Most of these industries have unions. Some of the examples include hospitals, supermarkets, nursing homes, hotels, agriculture, airlines, building trades, and airports. Whenever employees form unions, they do have the collective bargaining rights. Thus, the workers can decide whether to accept or reject a contract. If problems arise, you will need the help of a lawyer.

Contract disputes

At certain times, you may need to renegotiate contracts between the union, works, and employers. In some instances, it can be smooth, and in some cases, there can be disputes. The disputes can be on a wide range of issues such as medical care, pay rate, time off, and working conditions. If an agreement cannot be reached within a given period, your employees are likely to go on strike.

Strikes are quite devastating to a company in different ways. Experienced workers can refuse to carry out their duties. Thus, they will have a lot of unfinished tasks. Also, your workers can walk in streets carrying picket signs. This is likely to have a negative effect on your business, and you may need the help of a labor attorney. Ensure you only take legal steps to avoid your business being sued.

Grievances filed

lawIf your employees have been arrested for offenses they committed, the workers can file grievances. The workers can argue that the reprimand was not true or unjust. This is where you will need your labor lawyer to represent your business and defend its actions. You should note that an investigation will be carried out, statements from concerned parties taken and a decision made. A mediation process may be necessary.

It is possible you may be having collective bargaining issues with your employees. Fortunately, you are not alone. This is a worldwide problem. It does not matter whether you manage or own a nursing home, a plumbing company, hospital, or school, you need to protect your investment.