Facts to Know About Nevada Lemon Law

There are different areas of law. However, consumers today are served with a wide range of options meant to safeguard their rights, which for a long time have been exploited by manufacturers. When it comes to car buying, consumers interests are protected by the lemon law. The technicalities of this law depend on where you live. For instance, car buyers in a state such as Nevada are protected by the Nevada lemon law, which mainly serves to ensure manufacture’s sell vehicle that conforms with their warranty documents.car inspection shop

Nevada Lemon Law

Nevada lemon law is applicable to brand new cars. This implies that people buying second-hand vehicles might not be covered unless when the warranty period is still active. Ideally, a car is only considered for lemon law when it has failed in at least four attempts of the same problem within one year of delivery or the warranty period. It also applies to vehicles that have been out of service for at least one month of the warranty period.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer or the authorized dealer is mandated to make the necessary repairs. Otherwise, you are obliged to file a legal complaint. Notwithstanding, you might also be forced to pursue lemon law proceedings if the manufacturer fails to offer a satisfactory solution, or if they are unable to fix your lemon.

If your car meets the Nevada lemon law requirements, car owners can either replace their vehicle with a comparable model or ask for a refund of all whole sum paid to the dealer. Under this law, it is your decision as a customer to get a replacement or a refund depending on what you find to be convenient. The dealer is also required to name the return vehicle as a “lemon law buyback” to protect the interests of other buyers.

car dealershipBuying Used Car

While the lemon does not apply for used cars, buyers too assume some level of protection from Nevada’s legal statutes. Ideally, the dealer should disclose if the vehicle has problems before completing the sale. Failure to make this disclosure means that the buyer has the right to seek redress in court.

Lemon Law Attorney

Whether you want to seek justice under lemon law for a new vehicle or a used car, it is imperative to hire a Lemon Law Attorney. Working with a professional is the best way to ensuring your rights as a car buyer are not compromised. It also shows the dealer that you understand the law and that you are serious about getting the issue solved.