Understanding the Arizona Lemon Law

If you have always looked forward to owning a car, it is such a joy when you finally arrange your finances and are ready to buy your new car. The buying process is an exciting one, from thinking about the features that matter to you, choosing the color, to finally driving it off from the dealer, proud that it’s all yours.

However, your joy may be short-lived if your car suddenly started developing mechanical problems, and you wonder if you bought a lemon disguised as a car. Luckily, if your car purchase turns to be a lemon leaving you with a sour taste, you have the rights based on the Arizona Lemon Law . You can get more insights on the law as seen on ABC15.

Demystifying the Arizona Lemon Law

The Arizona Lemon Law safeguards the legal rights of buyers of motor vehicles who purchase defective cars. Although the law pertains primarily to buying new automobiles where it provides full protection, it offers some limited protection for used car buyers, with differing specifications.

So, what is a “lemon” in Arizona? Lemon is a car that looks perfectly fine at the time of buying but has hidden issues or inferior fixes or part that results in car problems days or weeks after the purchase. Given that some unscrupulous entrepreneurs and private sellers may try to dupe unsuspecting car buyers into buying unfit vehicles, the Lemon laws come to the protection in such circumstances.

Requirements to Qualify for Full Protection by Lemon Laws

a mechanic working on a carTo enjoy full protection as described in the lemon law, you must first fulfill some qualifiers, including:

  • The mechanical problem must impair the value and use of the vehicle and cannot be a minor thing. It needs to be a significant component to do with the engine, brakes, transmission, or random shutting off the vehicle.
  • A reasonable time must be allowed for repairs. Here “reasonable” is considered to be not less than four visits to the dealer for the same issue, over 30 days stay in the dealer’s shop for repair, but must not be for the same problem or an unreasonable history of repair.
  • Mechanical problems must be during the first two years of the car ownership, 24,000 miles of travel, or the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty, whichever comes first.

Manufacturer and Dealers Obligations

a replacement carAs per Arizona Lemon Law, the dealer must make reasonable attempts to fix the lemon car to good working condition. And reasonable is taken to mean up to four visits, or a total of 30 days cumulatively in the repair garage.

If the dealer is unable to successfully repair the car to get it in an acceptable condition in the provided time, the buyer may get a replacement automobile or a refund of the buying price, less some amount for the duration the driver successfully used the car.

In the event manufacturer gives a vehicle replacement, it has to be the same make and model, in conditions similar to those of the original car the buyer bought. But if the replacement car is of lesser value, the car maker must pay the customer the difference.

However, the dealer or manufacturer may claim that the buyer:

  • Did not give notice within a reasonable duration,
  • Did not operate the car properly, or
  • Contributed to the car’s state of disrepair.

What Will You Do If You Encounter A Vehicular Accident Involving A Truck

It is a huge responsibility to share the road with a semi-trailer or a large oil platform, whether on wheels or otherwise. If you get caught in an accident with a truck, bus, or similar, your next steps are crucial. Whether the vehicle’s driver was negligent or not, you need to know to protect yourself from a legal claim and obtain the best solution and award of damages in a lawsuit Houston 18-wheeler wreck injury attorney.

Stay Calm

shock thinking stopIf you encounter a vehicular accident, you are likely to become nervous. You need to know how to react if you are involved in such an accident. All injuries caused by a lorry accident must be treated in full by medical staff, and at the same time, you must seek the advice of the forwarding agent and doctors in your local hospital. Getting involved in any traffic accident involving large lorries or commercial vehicles can be a devastating moment. You might not think about it for a few seconds, but maybe not for long.

Seek Medical Attention

Nevertheless, it is important to remember a few rules that help you in personal injuries, such as the Highway Code and the Traffic Rules. Even if you are doing well after the crash, it is crucial to seek medical treatment. First, you should check with yourself and your doctor about your injuries, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels.

Document the Scene

crash insurance collisionSome injuries, such as whiplash, are not noticeable. Still, if you do not see a doctor, you can be prevented from properly documenting your injuries – making it difficult to prove that they were caused by accident. If physically able, photograph yourself at the accident scene – take multiple angles and show injuries to your vehicle and truck.  If you report, the police will come to the scene of the accident and prepare an accident report that can help you secure your evidence. The officer responding to the accident should also take photos of you, so collect as much information as possible, but do not exaggerate – take pictures.

Communicate with the Involve Party

Once you leave the scene, it can become almost impossible to track down those involved, so it is vital to have all the information you need to contact them. This includes being an eyewitness or taking into account the other person at the scene of the accident. You should also give a copy of your driving license and registration document and all additional relevant information about the vehicle.

Bottom Line

The most important thing you can do after a truck accident is to contact an experienced injury attorney. An expert can determine what flaws were in play, and repair estimates can become part of your claim. If you are not sure which other person caused the accident, it is highly advisable to involve a truck accident lawyer.


Factors To Consider When Hiring A Lawyer

There are so many reasons that someone may need legal services and the only person that will make you sail smoothly is if you hire a qualified lawyer. They are so many lawyers out there who will claim that they will help you out and if you don’t have the factors that will contribute to differentiating them, then you may fall a victim of false expectations. There are factors that you have to consider before going ahead and hiring the lawyer. Take time to determine what you need gain out of the case, and this will be helpful in knowing what kind of a lawyer that you need. Attorney Elliott Stone is one of the most accomplished lawyers. Below are some of the factors that you should consider.


Licensing and experience

lawA lawyer that has been in business for long will never disappoint you because they could have dealt with so many situations to know exactly how to handle the situation that you have. The next thing that you have to confirm is if the lawyer it licensed and the license should be from your state. Because if it’s from another state, then the lawyer will not be allowed to practices case in your state. A lawyer that has been in business for long will also advise you on the way that you should handle the case and the chances that you have.


Reputation is the other factor that you should consider like if the person has dealt well with his/her previous clients, then your situation will not be any different. Use things like the reviews and the testimonial from former clients they will be so handy in making the decision. Because if the lawyer has so many positive reviews then its most likely he is the best in his job. If any of the people you know were in the same situation as you then you should contact them and ask if they can recommend anyone.

Personal attributes

lawAnother factor to consider in how the lawyer will conduct the case. Conducting the case will fully depend on the personal attributes like how he communicates with people, negotiation skills, how he is well informed about the cases, and his integrity. How the lawyer will communicate with you on the first day will tell you a lot about his/her personal attributes so be keen on those things on the first day. You will need a lawyer that you can be honest with you about the case and someone who you can easily communicate with this will fully depend on the ability to bond with the lawyer.


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Top Five Factors To Consider When Choosing A Conveyancing Company

Buying or selling a house is always a very stressful and time-consuming task. It is a magnificent idea to use a conveyancing company to assist you in the purchase or sale of the property. The conveyancer melbourne takes care if all the conveyancing needs in Melbourne and beyond. To make things even easier here is a top five list of tips to help choose the right conveyancing company for you



lawAlways try to get a quote to find out what the final bill will be. Some companies will give you estimates, and the fees can vary considerably, by making sure you find a company which will give you a quote will give you piece of mind when it comes to the end of your case.


Always try to get a quote to find out what the final bill will be. Some companies will give you estimates, and the fees can vary considerably

Getting in touch

How easy is it to get in touch with them? As moving house is always a stressful task, you want to make sure you can get in touch with them with any questions that you may have. Some companies may only allow you to contact them by email, which could go unanswered for an hour or maybe days which, if you need to contact them urgently or are worried about something will not help. Those who have offices you can call into or a phone number are better to go with. Some companies can offer an SMS (short message service) to text you messages to your mobile phone to let you know how your case is going.


The best companies are those with websites. These can range from a basic site which will have the contact details on, and while these are good, there are some out there who can offer a client log in service. This will allow you to track the progress of your case and it may provide documents or downloads to assist with your move. Basically, the more features, the better, especially those which you can use to gain more information about how your case is progressing.


lawThe best companies are those with websites and those with more features the better. Some companies will just have a basic site which will have the contact details on, and while these are good, there are some out there who can offer a client log in service. This will allow you to track the progress of your case and it may provide documents or downloads to assist with your move.

By using these top five tips, you can find the best conveyancing company to assist you and make a purchase or sale of a home as easy as possible for you.

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